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Best tools

Best Tools


Fire Fighting system

    Firefighting is the act of extinguishing fires. A firefighter suppresses and extinguishes fires to protect lives and to prevent the destruction of property and of the environment.


One of the major hazards associated with firefighting operations could possiblybe the toxic environment created by combustible materials; the four major risks are smoke, oxygen deficiency, elevated temperatures, and poisonous atmospheres. Additional hazards include falls and structural collapse that can exacerbate the problems entailed in a toxic environment. To combat some of these risks, firefighters carry self-contained breathing equipment.



FIGHTING FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY is well equipped with good quality of firefighting product in stock all the time. Some of them are as under :

1. Fire Pump Set

2. Alarm Check Valve

3. Zone Control Valve 

4. Sprinkler System

5. Valve Station

6. Fire Hose Cabinet

7. Fire Hose Reel

8. Landing Valves

9. Fire Hose

10. Fire Hydrant

11. FM-200

12. Wet Chemical Fire System

13. Foam

14. Pre Action System

15. Deluge System



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