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We are an ISO 9001 certified Company Fighting for safety and security Equipment is known for ‎its Adherence and Commitment to Quality and Service.‎
We strive for continual improvement of our quality management systems and can ensure proper ‎procedures that are dependable, accurate and precise. Time, every time.‎


Fighting for safety’s staff of professionals are highly trained and experienced in performing ‎reviews of fire protection systems, building, fire code, and life safety plans.  Our consultants ‎have come to Fighting Safety with prior experience and/or education in the field of fire ‎protection.  Backgrounds include fire service experience in fire prevention and protection, college ‎degrees in fire science and engineering, experience with private fire protection companies and a ‎variety of certifications.‎
We strive to stay current in our profession through continued education and by attaining ‎additional and higher levels of certification.  We owe our municipal and fire district clients the ‎best possible service and expertise, and we strive to remain recognized as a leader in providing ‎third party plan review services.‎

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